Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Italian Cooking 101

Engaging, enjoyable, exhilarating. Italian Cooking 101 classes provide beginners, neophytes, and travelers of all ages with the wonderful inspiring opportunity to learn how to prepare staple Italian dishes, such as pizza, gelato or pasta, and gain insight into Italy’s dazzling culinary heritage visiting local shops and delis. 

Held by the most talented and charismatic fluent English-speaking chefs, Italian Cooking 101 classes enable participants to get to know the ingredients and techniques which lie behind the preparation of creamy sauces, fondue, hand-rolled pasta, paper-thin pizza dough and much more, and learn to handle the preparation of these scrumptious treats masterfully while discovering the traditional local gastronomic heritage.  

Perfect for families, fun-loving groups of friends and couples, Italian Cooking 101 options include shared and private experiences.

Master the art of Italian cooking

La Scuola di Cucina di is created and managed by Towns of Italy Cooking Schools, to provide wanna-be chefs, gourmands, foodies and travelers with the opportunity to master the fine arts of tasting, appreciating, and preparing superb Italian and international food flawlessly, and with a twist.

Wonderfully located within the kaleidoscopic premises of Milan’s new and glamorous “Mercato Centrale”, one of Italy’s most dazzling temples of gastronomy,  La Scuola di Cucina offers an exclusive venue in its custom-designed Gullo kitchen and a variety of carefully crafted classes and courses. Ideated to offer participants a comprehensive journey through the marvelous realm of gastronomic excellence, classes include exclusive experiences such as visits to local bottegas and special-interest tutoring, as well as hands-on cooking.
Committed to allowing food enthusiasts to discover the flavorful world of Italian and worldwide gastronomy freely, following their personal passions and preferences,  La Scuola di Cucina offers half-day Italian Cooking 101 classes in English, for beginners and taste devotees who wish to uncover the secrets of Italian staple recipes, and In-Depth Classes, in Italian, designed for those desirous to explore the distinctive features, techniques and preparation methods of certain ingredients or groups of ingredients.

 Creativity, passion and flair: our Cooking Shows

Celebrating Italian cuisine, honoring its choicest products and showcasing their immense value means recognizing and applauding the artistry and genius that lie behind creating, and preparing, a great recipe. 

The manicured ambiance provided by our beautifully handcrafted Gullo kitchen located in Milan’s outstanding “Mercato Centrale” is the perfect place to pay tribute to gastronomic excellence and cooking virtuosity.

That’s why our chefs periodically invite Michelin-star chefs and celebrities to join them and the vibrant kitchen team for one-time exclusive cooking shows, special-focus classes, and inventive food tasting events.

Boasting years of experience in Italy’s most celebrated award-winning restaurants, and a great variety of friends among the star chefs that fill dining rooms worldwide with their sublime creations, our chefs adore sharing the stage, and offering patrons the chance to see the artists of contemporary cuisine at work.

There’s always a good occasion to celebrate Italy’s exceptional culinary legacy, watching a grandiose chef cook is a memorable experience and… we all love a party!

A superlative venue for distinctive events

Boasting a sophisticated ambiance in its signature handcrafted Gullo kitchen especially designed to fit Milan’s refined contemporary atmosphere and captivating scene, La Scuola di Cucina caters to companies seeking refined and alluring off-the-beaten-track venues for engaging team building activities, motivational competitions, incentives, and stylish characterful functions. 

Splendid for corporate events, it is also an ideal location for family and friends’ get-togethers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations of all kinds.