The art and joy of knowing, tasting, and cooking fine food: La Scuola di Cucina in Milan

An exclusive cooking studio on world-class premises. A virtuoso Executive Chef longing to share his skills and secrets. A sensational, leading-edge location in the heart of glamorous Milan: the up-and-coming Central Market, Europe’s most spectacular and coveted haven of gourmet delights.  

Welcome to La Scuola di Cucina, Italy’s most versatile multipurpose cooking facility and event venue, a splendidly outfitted temple of flavors and aromas devoted to showcasing and enhancing Italy’s centuries-old culinary legacy, sublime wines, and premium typical products.
Ideated and dexterously managed by Towns of Italy, which as Florencetown, was the first Italian Tour Operator to organize hands-on cooking experiences for tourists with professional Chefs, La Scuola di Cucina is located in Milan’s glamorous culinary sanctuary, the brand-new “Mercato Centrale”.

Aiming to highlight and broadcast Italian gastronomy by teaching the practice, art, and joy of knowing, tasting, and cooking fine food, La Scuola di Cucina provides food devotees and travelers, gourmands, and prospective chefs, with a wide range of diverse and distinctive opportunities to discover and appreciate the cream of the crop of Italian produce. 

Committed to offering patrons the freedom to journey through the flavorful world of Italian and worldwide gastronomy following their personal passions and preferences, the gifted chefs and sous-chefs supply attendees with long-practiced culinary wisdom and mastery, and unique insight on the extraordinary Italian gourmet scenario. 

Classes and courses comprise both the teaching of techniques, methods and procedures, and a comprehensive insider’s view of the characteristics and use of the choicest national greens, herbs, meats, cheeses, and grains. 

To offer gourmands and foodies extra pizzazz and awe-inspiring artistry, La Scuola di Cucina di periodically invites guest celebrity chefs to join the in-house team of pros in wondrous show cooking events that are nothing short of extraordinary. 
Each and every class, course, and cooking show presented within the eye-catching kitchen, is designed, crafted and planned to promote understanding of Italian gastronomic excellence and allow cooking class attendees to gain dexterity behind the stove, whether they choose to learn to make beloved popular dishes or finespun recherché medleys.

Milan’s “Mercato Centrale”

Two floors and over 4,500 square meters of exceptional Italian artisan-produced products and international specialties, world-famous restaurants and eateries of all sorts, areas where one can stop to read, work, or relax, and even a dedicated radio curated by the renowned DJ and radio host Alessio Bertallot.

Milan’s brand-new “Mercato Centrale” is a gastronomic dreamland with a flair and style of its own.

Rising alongside the city’s bustling Central Railway Station this dazzling haven of gourmand delicacies mirrors its predecessors located in Florence, Rome and Turin, aiming to be a contemporary version of “the ancient medieval marketplace”, as the president and creator of the “Mercato Centrale” concept Umberto Montano puts it. 

Featuring 30+ artisan bottegas presenting the very best of Italian signature delicacies, including a flour mill run by farmer-baker Davide Longoni, a real-life fish market and adjacent fish bar and restaurant managed by Milan’s historical fishmonger Pescheria Pedol, an organic produce market, an American barbecue created by celebrity restaurant manager Joe Bastianich, and much, much more, Milan’s “Mercato Centrale” lures, and captivates, foodies, culinary artists, chefs and gourmets from all over the world.

Gullo kitchens: art, heritage and craftsmanship

Superbly designed, magnificently appointed, lovingly handcrafted luxury kitchens. 

Florence-based Officine Gullo creates outstanding custom-built kitchens, veritable masterpieces inspired, as founder Carmelo Gullo loves to say, by the city’s spectacular palazzos, frescoes and sculptures.

Blending innovative state-of-the-art technology with centuries-old craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence, Officine Gullo creates timeless works of art that brighten, facilitate and enhance daily life.

Expertise, long-practiced know-how, proficient research and unending inventiveness are the secrets that lie behind these beautiful creations. Aiming to the highest level of quality, Gullo employs select materials that are hand-molded, chiseled, burnished, lathed and hand-hammered by local artisan workshops, rather than machine-made. 

Warm enduring copper, contemporary and practical high-thickness stainless steel, and glossy durable brass are shaped into superb appliances, and choice finishes are added to beautify and characterize each. 

The result? Extraordinary kitchens with uniquely nuanced features, that bestow superior cooking experiences filled with love and light.

Kitchen experiences to treasure forever

Hand-picking the choicest products, cooking them using skill, love, olive oil and fresh-scented herbs, and teaching others to appreciate the unique flavors that make a perfect dish. Prompted by his most heartfelt passions, our chefs designed their signature Italian Cooking 101 classes and In-Depth Courses to provide food enthusiasts, travelers and taste devotees with memorable kitchen-based experiences to treasure forever.

Italian Cooking 101 classes, in English, focus on Italian staple recipes and traditional menus.

A superlative venue for distinctive events

Boasting a sophisticated ambiance in its signature handcrafted Gullo kitchen especially designed to fit Milan’s refined contemporary atmosphere and captivating scene, La Scuola di Cucina caters to companies seeking refined and alluring off-the-beaten-track venues for engaging team building activities, motivational competitions, and incentives. Splendid for corporate events, it is also an ideal location for family and friends’ get-togethers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations.